BBOTURKIYE is an online bridge club founded within BBO.
BBOTURKIYE in online 7/24 bridge club and TDs chosen diligently work for a certain periods.


All BBO rules are valid in BBOTURKIYE tournaments and additionally :
  • 2/1 and SAYC are essential systems in our tournaments.
  • All artificial biddings have to be alerted.
  • Chatting, writing bad and rude words that humiliate their partners or opponents are forbidden. If happens that player is removed soon with no refund
  • Although UNDO is not active during the tournaments, if a player calls the TD and the TD is convinced that it is a simple misclick, he can open UNDO temporarily for a short while. But accepting an UNDO is optional attitude.
  • No psyche bids in 1st-2nd seat are allowed. It is forbidden.
  • If a player happens to leave the tournament due to any reasons, he should let the TD know not to cause any problems because our tournaments run automatically.
  • 2D/H/S should have 6 cards. If it is not so, alert is always needed

Chat Prohibition:

In our tournaments, chat during bidding and actual play or at any phase of the game is prohibited. There are players from all countries at BBOTURKIYE. Although the basic language is English, there are also players. Who can not fully understand English. Therefore, it needs to be kept in mind that conversations written at the table could be misunderstood or misinterpreted.


Use of racist, rude, slang words, or sexually explicit terms,
Insulting the partner, opponents or the host,
Writing the opponent through private chat without his/her consent,
Chatting with players about the cards,
Are reasons for discharge from BBOTURKIYE and BBO.


In contracst with the other clubs, UNDO can be activated at BBOTURKIYE. But this can be only applied in rare situations where the player has honestly misclicked. Whenever there is a mistake during bidding or undo is required for a reason other than an honest misclick, this request is rejected by the TD of the tournament. In addition to that, all members have the right to refuse the claim made. Players can not be criticized or accused in case they reject the proposed undo or claim. An obvious claim for an expert player may not be clearly understood by a lower level player, so the rejection of a claim should not be misunderstood.


BBO software is designed in a way that each player could alert his/her own bid. It is acceptable for you to use alert if you feel the need for it. In case other players require an explanation for your bid, you are supposed to write the appropriate information at the stated explanation window. It is not acceptable to make your explanation at the table and it is a breach of rule. To bid 2D/H/S, the player should have 6 cards of that suit. If it is not so, alert is always needed. Players from all over the world, with different levels play bridge in our club, so it is hard to decide whether a certain bid should be alerted or not. Therefore, we request our players to be sensitive about this issue and explain alerts accordingly.


2/1 and SAYC are played at BBOTURKIYE tournaments. Unless it is alerted and stated otherwise, it is assumed that SAYC is valid. It is forbidden to make psychic bids and bluff at the 1st and 2nd positions, but permitted at the 3rd and 4th positions. Every unnatural bid is not called psychic. Whenever you suspect a psychic bid, you call the TD from the director button and host will decide if it is a psychic bid or not. For nt openings, the rule of ‘’balanced hand, 15-17 points’’ holds. Additionally, with 4441 distributions where the only card is an ACE, ‘’nt’’ opening is acceptable. At any point during our tournament, if you believe that there is an injustice towards you, please call TD so that the disadvantage caused by that could be compensated.

We have players from all over the world. And it should be kept in mind that everyone does not understand the same bridge terms and language. So, before any comment is made, we should consider the probability of misunderstanding and misinterpretation by other parties involved. Having said that, in case you face a member who violates the rules stated above, we expect you to inform us through email either from abuse@bridgebase.com or bboturkiye@bridgebase.com addresses.

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