BBOTURKIYE is an online bridge club within BBO.
BBO members can join our tournaments with a 1$ fee.
Membership for BBOTURKIYE is not a prerequisite.
BBOTURKIYE in a 7/24 hour online bridge club where carefully chosen and educated TDs diligently work at defined time intervals.

Nickname : Ragip16 (TD+Admin)
Real Name : Ragip
Age : 52
Real Job : Business Executive
Spot Light : Friendship and trust
Nickname : Oktay16 (TD+Webmaster)
Real Name : Oktay
Age : 25
Real Job : Lawyer
Spot Light : Information Technology
Nickname : turBBO (TD+Helper)
Real Name : Ewa
Age : 51
Real Job : Teacher
Spot Light : Bravery and energy
Nickname : Astrea_
Real Name : Ela
Age : 59
Real Job : Retired
Spot Light : Ambition and determination
Nickname : Cisem
Real Name : Prima
Age : 32
Real Job : Student
Spot Light : Light and love
Nickname : Dinko_dt
Real Name : Vinke
Age : 45
Real Job : Private
Spot Light : Good father and diligent
Nickname : ChenTD
Real Name : Hendrik
Age : 25
Real Job : Student
Spot Light : Work and Dream
Nickname : Zakumi
Real Name : Arief
Age : 40
Real Job : Athlete
Spot Light : Work and Work
Nickname : HelpTD
Real Name : Help
Age : 31
Real Job : Bridge
Spot Light : DreamWorker
Nickname : ForceTD
Real Name : Selen
Age : 44
Real Job : Master
Spot Light : Easy-going
Nickname : Nilcan
Real Name : Nil
Age : 59
Real Job : Retired Teacher
Spot Light : Just Friendly

Our Principles

1. Honestyis a principle that we apply without compromising. We took an oath to do everything that we promised to do. Any TD who breaks this principle is fired from BBOTURKIYE.

2. Act of Justice, means that everybody who plays and wins, gets his/her prize; prizes are delivered justly. The only condition for winning a prize is finishing the tourney in the 1st place. We also have “Weekly Top 60 List”. All players playing in BBOTURKIYE tournaments are listed in order and as a bonus, $500 is dealt to the players who take part in the first 60 rank by progressive stages.

3. Principle of Equity states that all our players are equal. No one has a privilege among others. No one is allowed to suffer because of the fault of the partner. So, if a player faces a loss because of his/her partner’s behavior, this will be compensated by BBOTURKIYE.

4. Friendship; our players are not customers for us. They are our friends. We are always willing to help them in all situations.

5. Reliabilityis the only expectation we have from our players. We always want you to believe in and trust us. If there is a mistake and trust problem occurs, just let us know via email to bboturkiye@bridgebase.com address. And you can be sure that your problem will bee solved a.s.a.p.

6. For any suggestions, complaints and all kinds of communication, our email address is bboturkiye@bridgebase.com.

7- BBOTURKIYE is always your friend…

8- For more details about us, please visit our web site from www.bboturkiye.com.